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Reticulation Sprinklers Perth

Ryan’s Reticulation supplies & installs commercial grade, built to last reticulation sprinklers Perth. We replace all makes & types of reticulation sprinklers, including the everlasting Toro 570 series.

Other types of sprinklers we install & replace are;

  • Standard pop up sprinklers

  • MP Rotator

  • Sprinkler spray heads

  • Gear drive Sprinklers – PGP/PGJ

  • Garden sprinklers – drip irrigation systems, bubblers & micro

  • Plus many, many more

So why choose our sprinklers?

Sure you can find sprinklers for $2.00 each at your local hardware store, however unlike our sprinklers these are cheaply manufactured and will last for a month or two if you’re lucky.

Our sprinklers are manufactured in the United States & last years, without the need for periodic maintenance at the start of every season. Quality, endurance, set & forget pop up sprinklers making your life just that little bit easier.

So why do you need retic sprinkler replacements in Perth?

At the start of the growing season in the warmer months, it is essential to have your reticulation system checked over by a professional to avoid those unwanted dry or dead spots on your lawn or garden that could take months to grow back and recover.

Ryan’s Reticulation provides great customer service, low call out fees and rates plus outstanding products including reticulation sprinklers in Perth.

Call 0438 975 819 to book a service today!

Reticulation Sprinklers Perth

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