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Reticulation Services in North Beach

Ryan’s Reticulation provides reticulation services in North Beach & other suburbs north of the River.

We cover all aspects of reticulation repairs, from small leaks and sprinkler repairs, reticulation controller’s right through to the hardest of wiring faults & diagnostics. We also offer new reticulation installations, extensions and modifications.

This week we were completing a reticulation service for Joanne in North Beach.

Joanne was finding her outdated system just wasn’t operation anymore, and the problem had been occurring for quite some years. Joanne had resorted to hand watering her property, an 850m2 block!

Upon arrival, we noticed that the reticulation controller wasn’t functioning as it should, with a faded LED screen and rusted out dial, not to mention a poor reading on the circuit board – we thought it was best to start with a replacement controller. We installed the Rainbird ESP TM2 6 station controller with a 3 year warranty.

Once the new irrigation controller was installed, we went to run the system however noticed the master solenoid had a subpar reading, indicating a poor or faulty solenoid. We located the master solenoid in front of the water meter, and replaced both the gate valve (isolation of reticulation system from mains water) along with the master valve itself.

One small leak was spotted in the middle of the rear lawn upon a system test, which is amazing for a retic system that hasn’t been operational for 2 years!

For lawn and reticulation services in North Beach and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Services in North Beach

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