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Reticulation Repairs in North Beach

This week we were completing some reticulation repairs in North Beach for Stephan.

Stephan was finding his old reticulation controller could work on manual override however couldn’t be programmed to work on automatic.

We installed a new 6 station Rainbird TM2 reticulation controller with a system test, resistance test of all valves and master solenoids, along with a 3 year domestic warranty.

These controllers are the go to for irrigation contractors for their reliability, durability and ease of use for both the contractors and home owners.

When completing the resistance test on the station solenoids, we noticed both station one and two had no resistance at the coils, suggesting either a cut cable or two ‘’burnt’’ out coils. We located the two solenoids directly next to the water meter. They were in extremely poor condition, and we suggested to Stephan it might be wise to instead of replace the coils only, to replace the entire valves and diaphragms.

We use Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valves, these quality US made solenoids are outstanding in performance and water flow. Back up at the controller unit we programmed and set the controller for Stephan, along with changing a few of the micro risers in the garden bed beside the driveway.

For all your reticulation repairs in North Beach and the northern suburbs of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs in North Beach

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