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Reticulation Repairs in Kinross

This week we were carrying out some reticulation repairs in Kinross for Peter and Sue.

They had recently just purchased their first investment property and they wanted a complete reticulation system service before the tenants moved in.

A modest 4x2 home in Kinross, but the boasting point were most definitely the gardens. Amazing tropical theme with palms, fruit trees and frangipani trees around the fish pond.

Adam and I quickly got stuck into it, a 6 station system running a Hunter controller and a Rainbird tap timer for around the pond areas plants.

Every zone was working as it should, however we did notice a lot of wastage water from poor quality sprinklers and sprayers. We spoke with Peter and Sue and came to the agreement of swapping the majority of sprinklers over to Toro pop ups with precision nozzles, along with better quality micro nozzles for the stem sprayers in the gardens.

We also installed some new bubblers on the 4mm micro lines in the pots as most of them were unfortunately blocked or corroded from the elements.

With the new repairs and additions, we could also decrease the watering times on both the main controller and the tap timer, saving even more of our most precious resource.

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