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Reticulation Repairs in Iluka

We received a call from a customer who needed reticulation repairs in Iluka.

Neville wasn’t too happy when every time he turned on his reticulation system the sprinklers on station 4 continuously popped up, no matter what station he put on these station 4 sprinklers just kept coming on.

This is an all too common problem in the reticulation field as with everything, without proper maintenance and care items will fail.

In this particular case the station 4 had not only a faulty coil but also a seized diaphragm, not allowing the solenoid valve to shut off when it should hence it staying completely open, no matter what station was turned on with the reticulation system.

We replaced the old solenoid valve with an Irritrol 25mm solenoid and slip fix. These solenoids are the best in the business and the go to choice for reticulation contractors due to their durability and reliability.

After 24 hours of the PVC cement curing, we returned to test Neville’s system and all was back to normal. It’s extremely important to let the PVC cement set otherwise the water will push the wet glue into the valve, causing it to be stuck open and we will be back to square one!

For all your reticulation repairs in Iluka and the northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs in Iluka

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