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Reticulation Repairs in Clarkson

We recently received a call from Samantha who needed a pre-summer reticulation check and some general reticulation repairs in Clarkson at her rental property.

After her last couple of tenants had vacated the property, the reticulation system had unfortunately been left unattended to for quite some time.

On arrival we went through and replaced the majority of the pop up sprinklers to the front & rear lawns, along with the garden sprayers along the driveway.

We use the Toro 570 Series pop up bodies with high flow nozzles for best coverage without the loss of water pressure, not to mention this sprinklers will last season after season without maintenance as compared to some of the cheaper, poorer quality sprinklers from your local hardware store.

Station number 5 that operated for the hanging pots around the rear patio and a few small planter boxes wasn’t operational and needed to be replaced. At the controller it was receiving a very high resistance reading, pointing towards a ‘burnt’ coil, however on inspection the valve itself also looked in bad shape and good have been the original from when the house was built. We replaced it with an Irritrol 25mm slip solenoid, and the station was back up and running again.

Samantha met us onsite that afternoon to run through the works and was delighted to have a fully serviced reticulation system, ready to go for her next lot of tenants.

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