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Ryan's Reticulation provides reticulation installations for Perth domestic and commercial customers. Professional, reliable reticulation installation, from newly built homes or offices, to existing reticulation extensions, we do it all with in house trades and expertise on time and on budget. We offer free, no obligation quotes. There's no harm in asking! Call Ryan on 0438 975 819.

  • Waterwise installations - Saving you up to 40% on your water output

  • Commercial grade parts installed

  • Commercial, professional reticulation controllers utilized. Easy to program and operate.

  • Licensed mains water cut ins

  • GPO power points or hard-wiring where required

  • All organized, on time and on budget


Reticulation Installation Perth Experts Share Tips on Correctly Setting Up This System

Having a reticulation system will enable your lawn to look its best without you having to drag around a water hose for hours and hours. Your lawn will be green and all your plants will be thriving since they will constantly receive the right amount of hydration while you are asleep and even if you are away from home.

If you’re looking to have a new reticulation system set up or to replace a broken or poorly performing one, keep in mind that its installation can affect its overall performance and years of service. Because of this, it is important to properly plan out a reticulation system’s set up, even before investing in the particular one you want to have installed on your lawn.

Here are three important factors you have to include in the installation of a new reticulation system:

The right number of reticulation zones. The concept behind reticulation zones runs on the fact that the turf and plants on your lawn do not need the same amounts of water. Grass, for instance, won’t require as much water as the flower or vegetable garden does. To come up with the right number of reticulation zones, you have to divide your property into as many small areas as possible, based on the water requirements of the plants and grass. In addition, you should also consider other key factors when coming up with these zones, such as the slope of the lawn.

Your long-term plans for your lawn. Reticulation Woodvale lawn care experts say, can effectively help maintain your yard, but this is based on your current space setup. For instance, if you have plans of widening a driveway, adding new landscaping beds or increasing the size of a deck or patio in the future, include this in the installation plan or convey this to the contractors who will be installing the reticulation system.

Operating the reticulation system. Although a reticulation system may provide you a “set it and forget it” approach to watering, it is still essential to have some knowledge regarding its basic maintenance requirements to ensure that it consistently performs well. To always have good reticulation Edgewater maintenance experts say it would also work to your advantage if you set up the system in a way that it helps you save water whenever it is in use, such as by installing a rain sensor.  

Installing a reticulation system can definitely be a hard and complex task. But if you choose to work with a trusted company that specialises in reticulation and lawn care such as Ryan’s Reticulation, you can make sure that you will get the best value for your investment for a long time since the system’s reticulation installation Perth and maintenance will be handled only by trained experts.

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