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Water Saving Tips: Reticulation Controllers Perth, Smart Reticulation Greenwood, and More


Conserving water is an initiative that is observed in most parts of the world today, owing to greater awareness being raised on the dangers of wasting this precious resource in the midst of droughts that wreak havoc on the environment.


In Australia, it is everyone's responsibility to contribute to water conservation efforts employed by their respective states in order to ensure that the present as well as future demands for it are met. To help educate locals about the many different ways they can be smarter about water use, they share helpful water saving tips that everyone can try, including the following:


Design your garden and lawn with an innovative new reticulation controller Perth to maximize the use of a reduced amount of water. This involves choosing the right plants, grass and hardscapes (like paving) to create a space that efficiently uses water and suits the homeowner's needs and lifestyle.


Reduce the size of your lawn. Lawns and gardens are beneficial as well as pretty features for any home, but you may not need such big ones in your property. Save more water by converting unused areas of your lawn into a more functional and less water-hungry space.


Have a good lawn watering system installed by specialists in reticulation Greenwood residents don't need to water their lawns manually (and end up wasting water by not doing it right) if they have a smart and well-controlled system for distributing water across different areas of the lawn at set times. Ryan’s Reticulation can install systems that suit your property, your needs and your budget best.


Reduce the run time of your reticulation system. Setting up the system to water your lawn for 10 minutes per station is optimal for saving water, and it's sufficient for maintaining a healthy garden, too.


Be mindful of the sprinkler ban during winter. In Perth, Mandurah and certain areas in the south west, a permanent winter sprinkler ban is enforced from June 1 to August 31 every year for bore water and scheme users.


Observe watering days. Western Australia assigns watering days for different areas, and it's necessary to water only once during these days. The best times for watering are before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m., although the former is considered the top option because it makes water available for the lawn and plants throughout the day. These can easily be set on your reticulation controller, Perth homeowners need to know!

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