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Reticulation Services Perth

Ryan's Reticulation is an industry leader in irrigation and reticulation services Perth.

Regular maintenance, solenoid locating and replacements, reticulation controllers, sprinkler repairs, burst pipes, emergency repairs, you name it we have you covered.

With over a decade in the reticulation and irrigation industry, plus the latest in reticulation technology and only top of the line parts and products used, you will never have to worry about your reticulation system not doing its job.

Competitive pricing, honest service, reliable tradesman and most importantly good customer service is why we maintain a 5 star google review.

Call Ryan on 0438 975 819 to book reticulation services Perth today.

Today we carried out a master solenoid replacement along with a station solenoid and some burst pipe issues from tree roots. The master solenoid was seized closed not allowing any water through the system, once this was replaced station 2 was continuously running and this was also rectified using the locating wand to find and repair.

The last job on site was a burst pipe under a 4 meter tall eucalyptus tree, a few hours of painstaking cutting and digging we mended the 25mm PVC with a slip fix coupling.

Off to the next job, one of our regular strata managers and involved replacing an old reticulation control unit and sprinkler pop up repairs along with a service and check over of all relevant solenoids. Another big day for the retic team before heading into the cooler months.

Reticulation Services Perth

For all your reticulation services Perth in the northern or western suburbs call Ryan's Reticulation on 0438 975 819 for a free no obligation quote.

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