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Reticulation Services in Woodvale

Ryan's Reticulation provides all aspects of reticulation services in Woodvale and Perth's northern suburbs, offering exceptional customer service, quality workmanship and fair pricing structures.

From general maintenance and servicing, check overs prior to the warmer month's, reticulation controllers and solenoid locating plus replacements right through to the most complex of wiring faults and diagnostics, Ryan's Retic is your go to for all your irrigation needs. We provide not only reticulation repairs, maintenance and servicing but also new installations, extensions or modifications.

This week we were completing a reticulation service in Woodvale for Aaron, who initially contacted us requiring a new reticulation controller to be installed – but upon arrival we noted there was perhaps a bit more to it than that.

Ryan's Reticulation is a preferred Rainbird installer, we install the Rainbird ESP – TM2 for domestic use for their durability, reliability and ease of use for the homeowner. Once the new irrigation controller was installed, we moved onto testing the system.

None of the 5 stations on Aaron's system seemed to be operational, indicating either a cut common wire, or a problem at the water source i.e. the master valve. The master valve is generally located at either the mains water meter, or in some circumstances with less than ideal installations, some contractors perform a cut in off a garden tap and install the master valve there.

We located the master valve, and all that was required was a new coil and diaphragm assembly, meanwhile flushing the valve to ensure all debris was cleaned out prior to the repairs.

Testing the system again, it was all running at full potential and Aaron was delighted with the additional pressure and coverage.

For reticulation services in Woodvale and Perth's northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

reticulation services in Woodvale

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