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Reticulation Services in Mindarie

Ryan's Reticulation is one of the top tier reticulation companies, providing reticulation services in Mindarie along with the vast majority of Perth's northern suburbs.

With a team of trained & qualified irrigation technicians plus a fleet of fully stocked vehicles, carrying only the most trustworthy parts, fittings & appliances – we will have your reticulation system running at peak performance, season after season.

Last week we were completing a reticulation service in Mindarie for Peter, who was finding the property he had recently purchased didn't have a functioning reticulation system.

Upon arrival, we noticed Peter's old Holman reticulation controller, a cheap local hardware store model, was non-functional and we replaced it with a ESP-TM2 Rainbird 6 station reticulation controller. These reticulation controllers are a go to for a vast majority of irrigation contractors due to their reliability, durability and ease of use for the consumer.

Once the new reticulation controller was installed, we moved onto doing a resistance test of all the solenoids along with the master valve. Both the master valve and the bank of station 2 – 4 solenoids were coming up with an extremely poor reading – indicating a possible damaged or burnt coil, along with a suspected seized diaphragm.

We cut out and replaced both the master valve and the template of station solenoids, and replaced with Irritrol Hi – Flow 25mm BSP valves. Peter was excited to have his new reticulation system back up and running, and we even received a referral for his sister's place also in Mindarie.

For reticulation services in Mindarie and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Services in Mindarie

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