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Reticulation Services in Mariginiup

Ryan's Reticulation specialises in bore servicing, and this week was no exception providing bore reticulation services in Mariginiup for Charles.

Charles had a beautiful 12 acre property set right in the heart of Mariginiup, running a bore system with a 13 station output. Charles initially contacted us because he had run out of time to service his irrigation prior to summer, and as Ryan's Reticulation is one of the only irrigation companies carrying all PGP, PGJ gear drive pop up sprinklers along with 40mm – 50mm valves and fittings in all our vehicles, we were right on hand for all his service requirements.

The majority of the issues laid within the zones running around the residential house and not so much out in the paddocks, with 4 out of the 13 stations not working – majority of the lawn around the house itself. The solenoid valves were located, and were only 25mm solenoid valves to our surprise as the pump in the well was an astonishing 12HP!

We replaced the old solenoid valves with Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valves, Hi-Flow variants with flow resistance specifically for bore applications.

We also flagged out and replaced 17 PGP gear drive sprinklers, very similar to the rotators used in local parks and sporting ovals. Charles was delighted with the finished product, and even his horses got a free shower 3 times a week!

For reticulation services in Mariginiup and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Services in Mariginiup

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