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Reticulation Services in Landsdale

This week we were completing reticulation services in Landsdale for Ray, who required our services to replace his old (near on ancient!) reticulation controller and check over his retic prior to summer.

Upon arrival, we noticed the old reticulation controller, and quite frankly it was pretty hard to miss. It was by far the oldest irrigation controller we have ever replaced, with the serial tag stating the manufacture year was 1974! Amazing a controller with electronic components and moving parts can last 47 years!

We replaced the old reticulation controller with a new Rainbird ESP TM2 6 station, with a 3 year warranty along with a resistance test of all solenoid valves and the master valve. It came as no surprise that all the old solenoid valves had terrible Ohms readings, indicating old burnt out coils and more than likely seized diaphragms. We located the solenoid valves in a template beside the water meter, and they were all cut out and replaced with Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valves.

With the whole system back up and running again, we had the task of replacing a handful of garden umbrella sprayers along with a dozen pop up sprinklers in the lawn areas. Ray was delighted with how the system was running, and with no questions asked found the new reticulation controller ten times easier to operate than his old one!

For reticulation services in Landsdale and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

reticulation services in Landsdale

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