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Reticulation Services in Kallaroo

Ryan’s Reticulation is Perth’s northern suburbs reticulation experts, providing reticulation services in Kallaroo and other suburbs north of the river.

Ryan’s Reticulation believes in good old fashioned service, customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and providing our clients with the best possible irrigation parts, fittings and appliances on the market.

  • All aspects of reticulation repairs

  • Solenoid locating and replacement

  • Reticulation controllers supplied & installed

  • Pressure tests & coverage issues

  • Wiring faults & diagnosis

  • Sprinkler repairs & replacements

  • New reticulation installations, extensions & modifications

Earlier this week we were completing a reticulation service in Kallaroo for Joanne, who was finding her reticulation system was shorting out on every station she tried to operate – blowing the fuse in her old Holman reticulation controller.

First things first, we suggested replacing her old controller with a Rainbird ESP TM2 6 station with 3 year warranty. These controllers are the go to for the majority of irrigation contractors due to their durability, reliability and ease of use.

After the new reticulation controller was installed, we moved onto ascertaining where the short was coming from. We noticed the master valve had an extremely low reading on the resistance test, indication either moisture in the joins of cable or a ‘burnt’ coil. We located the master valve just in front of the water meter, and replaced it with an Irritrol 25mm Hi-Flow BSP master valve.

Joanne’s system was back up and running, just in time for the scorching Perth summer.

For reticulation services in Kallaroo and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

reticulation services in Kallaroo

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