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Reticulation Services in Joondalup

Ryan's Reticulation is one of Perth's top irrigation companies, providing reticulation services in Joondalup, Wanneroo and the majority of Perth's Northern suburbs.

With over a decade in the reticulation, irrigation and plumbing industry, Ryan's Reticulation is your only choice for all your reticulation needs.

  • All aspects of reticulation repairs, maintenance and servicing

  • Reticulation Controllers supplied & installed

  • Fault finding & diagnostics

  • Solenoid locating & replacements

  • Sprinkler repairs, coverage issues & pressure tests

  • New reticulation installations, extensions & modifications

This week we were completing a reticulation service in Joondalup for Lauren, who required a new reticulation controller along with a few other repairs.

Upon arrival we notice a large sunken area of soil, with excess soil runoff down the driveway. Initially we thought it could have been a snapped sprinkler, however after digging it up we notice her whole mainline had a 20cm split going down the length of the pipe – explaining her larger than normal water bills! We cut the section of pipe out, repairing it with a 25mm Class 9 PVC slip fix & 25mm coupling.

Onto the controller, Laurens old irrigation controller was a Hunter X core, with the renowned faulty dial. The hunter X core is one of the most common controllers that we replace, exactly for this reason of the dials. We replaced Lauren's retic controller with a Rainbird ESP - TM2 6 station with a three year warranty. These controllers are the best on the market for residential use, and is near on all we install.

For reticulation services in Joondalup and Perth's northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Services in Joondalup

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