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Reticulation Repairs Wanneroo

Professional, reliable and honest reticulation repairs Wanneroo in Perth’s northern suburbs. Call Ryan on 0438 975 819 to book a service today.

Rebecca in Wanneroo had a few issues with her reticulation system along with needing an extension in her backyard. Station 2 was constantly running with all other stations, we located and replaced station solenoid 2 along with testing her other solenoids.

A check over of her entire system found a few pop up sprinklers that also needed attention and replacement. We also extended station 4 for Rebecca’s rear lawn as there wasn’t quite enough coverage with the addition of 4 extra pop up sprinklers.

A complete overhaul of her reticulation controller settings and her system was running like brand new.

For all your reticulation repairs Wanneroo and Perth’s northern suburbs call Ryan's Reticulation on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs Wanneroo

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