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Reticulation Repairs in Sinagra

On Tuesday we were completing some reticulation repairs in Sinagra for Bianca.

Unfortunately she couldn’t get her retic to turn on from the controller unit, no matter which station she tried to operate.

Upon arrival and assessment we noticed that her controller unit, a Hunter X core, had a seized dial and wasn’t able to access all the features of the controller, which is an all too common fault with the older models of the X cores.

As a preferred Rainbird installer, we suggested we install a new Rainbird TM2 4 station which comes with a 3 year warranty along with having a reputation as one of the most durable, easy to operate irrigation controllers on the market.

Adam and I tested the system and couldn’t get the 2nd station to operate, which watered the top half of the front lawn. Running through some electrical testing with the multimeter the solenoid coil was showing up poor resistance. Using our Pro tech valve locating wand we found the station 2 solenoid, which we cut out and replaced with a 25mm Irritrol BSP solenoid valve.

Whilst Adam was busy doing that I repaired a snapped PVC fitting on the verge that supported a pop up sprinkler, it looked like a car had accidently snapped the fitting causing a significant leak on station 1.

Bianca’s reticulation system is running at peak performance and she was delighted with the finished result.

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