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Reticulation Repairs in Scarborough

Earlier last week we were completing some reticulation repairs in Scarborough for Karen.

She sent through an email inquiry for a reticulation service to be completed prior to them going on Christmas holidays.

On arrival, we noticed her old Irritrol Kwik dial controller was showing a fuse error. We ran through a few electrical tests to determine what the problem was and discovered the main circuit of the controller was shorting out the unit itself.

As a preferred Rainbird installer, we recommended the installation of a Rainbird TM2. This is our top selling controller due to its responsiveness, durability and reliability for the homeowner that comes with added comfort of a 3 year warranty.

Once the new controller was installed and upon testing the system, we noticed that station 3 that did the front lawn was running extremely poor water pressure. The two main reasons a particular station has poor water pressure is the solenoid valve isn’t opening completely or there is a leak on that particular zone.

We came to the conclusion that the station 3 solenoid needed to be located and replaced, we utilise Irritrol 25mm jar top BSP solenoid valves which are the go to for the majority of irrigation contractors in Perth.

Karen’s system was back up and running at full potential, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

For reticulation repairs in Scarborough and the northern suburbs of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

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