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Reticulation Repairs in Ridgewood

This week we were completing some reticulation repairs in Ridgewood along with an installation for Colleen.

Colleen had a few repairs that needed to be done on her original system, as well as an extension that was required for a new lawn installation we would be doing at the end of August.

Initially however, we needed to fix the ongoing problem with her station 3 solenoid along with the master valve that was shorting the entire system.

We located the master valve beside the water meter and gate valve that was easily replaced with a 25mm Irritrol BSP master valve, however the station 3 solenoid wasn’t as easy. We utilised the Armada Pro solenoid detecting wand to try and locate the solenoid but it was playing hard to find for us. With the majority of solenoids we can locate them in under half an hour with the wand, but over an hour of searching and the location of all 4 other solenoids, we couldn’t find the elusive number 3.

Just before we were ready to throw the towel in we got a signal under the decking. The carpenters had installed the raised deck directly over the solenoid. We cut it out and replaced it, along with cutting out a ‘hatch’ with hinges in the deck for future inspection or repairs.

Colleen was delighted with the end result and we will be returning to complete the new reticulation and lawn installation in a few weeks.

For reticulation repairs in Ridgewood, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs in Ridgewood

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