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Reticulation Repairs in Morley

Last week we were completing some reticulation repairs in Morley for Joseph which included some alterations and modifications – along with a small extension off his current system.

Jo had recently planted some new fruit trees including a mango, avocado, pear and cherry tree that were all required to be irrigated. Initially we discussed the use of garden sprayers however due to being run off a bore we decided to go with the Toro flood bubblers to each individual plant to minimise overspray and bore staining.

As we had a spare wire in the field we could utilise, we installed a new 40mm Irritrol BSP solenoid valve to run a separate zone just for the fruit trees. Out of the valve we reduced it down to 25mm Class 9 PVC to get under the hardscapes. Using an old reticulation contractor’s trick, we could get the pipework under two footpaths with what’s called ‘plunking’, essentially forcing a pipe with water flowing through it under the path, moving it back and forth repeatedly until you get through to the other side.

Once we were into the desired location we changed from PVC to 19mm poly to install the 300mm solid risers with umbrella caps and the basket filters with bubblers on top. Each tree was receiving bucket loads of water and with no overspray Jo was delighted. Not to mention with the added benefit of being run off a bore, he could run the retic an extra day to ensure his new fruit trees thrive and start producing delicious fruits as soon as possible.

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Reticulation Repairs in Morley

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