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Reticulation Repairs in Marmion

Beth was having trouble with her retic and needed some general reticulation repairs in Marmion, along with some expert advice.

Beth was finding every time she ran her reticulation, station 3 which did the front lawn was always stuck on, draining the water pressure from her other 4 stations. This is a common occurrence when solenoid valves get to between 7 – 12 years old depending on the quality of the valve.

Using the Armada Pro 800 Valve location wand, we got stuck into searching for this illusive faulty solenoid. Station 3 operated her back garden areas so we thought this would be a good place to start. Using the wand we can general locate valves within 20 minutes and luckily enough for Beth this was no exception.

An old Weathermatic valve that operated station 3 was located in the garden bed, and was replaced with an Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valve. Quality, durable and reliable US made solenoid valves that are a go to for reticulation and irrigation contractors.

Beth also needed some general reticulation repairs and a check over, luckily we noticed a cracked pipe and snapped sprinkler next to the driveway that was pouring out water on station 1.

All fixed and another happy customer, onto the next job. Thank you for your hospitality and business Beth.

For all your reticulation repairs in Marmion and the northern suburbs of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs in Marmion

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