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Reticulation Repairs in Henley Brook

This week we were completing some reticulation repairs in Henley Brook for Colleen, who was finding her system was working on its own accord, even when the reticulation controller was switched off.

Upon arrival we noticed that the front lawn station was dribbling out water, even though the controller was in the off position. This is a dead giveaway as being a solenoid issue, or in Colleen's case the master solenoid and station 1 that ran the front verge lawn.

After time, as with all items with moving parts and accessories, solenoids can become damaged or worn out. Either the coil won’t operate properly or the diagram in the valve itself isn’t functional. The master solenoid prevents water from charging the main line at the water source (or water meter), and when this fails you have active water throughout the property until a station solenoid fails and hence it can be detected.

We replaced both Colleen’s master solenoid, along with her station 1 solenoid plus her station 3 solenoid as it was registering fairly low resistance and would most likely be the next valve to fail. We install jar top 25mm BSP Irritrol solenoid valves, these high flow solenoids are the go to for irrigation techs because of their reliability, durability and ease of service.

The system was back up and running again, without any more water wastage and Colleen was delighted with the finished results.

For reticulation repairs in Henley Brook, or anywhere in Perth's northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Repairs in Henley Brook

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