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Reticulation Repairs in Ellenbrook

Prior to the Easter break we were completing some reticulation repairs in Ellenbrook for Greg, who had a host of problems with his reticulation system.

Ryan’s Reticulation is always happy to help where we can, and we are always in the Ellenbrook and Aveley areas.

Initially Greg contacted us requiring help with locating and replacing all 6 of his solenoid valves, as they were all faulty especially station 1 – 4 that were shorting out the whole system whenever it was operational.

Greg’s system was a very peculiar one, with the front and half the rear run off a bore – and then an upper tier garden system run off mains water, very odd but not unheard of.

Whilst we located the 6 station solenoids that operated off the bore to replace them, we also noted that the top garden bed run off mains wasn’t operational whatsoever. We replaced the whole solenoid template along with the 6 stations run off the bore, plus the basket filter adjacent to the bore pump itself to prevent the solenoids from blocking, along with the master solenoid and one station solenoid that operated the top garden bed.

Once located, the valves were relatively easy to replace but because they were unfortunately so deep along with being under pavers it made them tricky to discover luckily enough the Armada Pro 800 valve locating wand picked them up and we were in and out of Greg’s property within 2 hours, leaving behind his irrigation system running better than it had ever before using the Hi-Flow Irritrol solenoids.

For reticulation repairs in Ellenbrook or any other northern suburb of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819

Reticulation Repairs in Ellenbrook

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