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Reticulation Repairs Duncraig

Tony in Duncraig was having some issues with his reticulation system and required some service work.

When the reticulation was turned on from his controller nothing would happen on any of the stations. Upon further investigation we found his master solenoid was faulty and needed to be replaced, the only problem is it was under his brand new limestone pavers.

The ball valve was rusted and wasn't isolating the water supply, so this was replaced along with a new master solenoid and minor pipework. Tony's pavers were put back and cleaned, without a trace of us even interfering with them.

Reticulation Repairs Duncraig

For all your reticulation service needs and solenoid locating in Perth, please don't hesitate to contact Ryan's Reticulation for professional and reliable reticulation services.

Just call 0438 975 819.

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