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Reticulation Repair in Ellenbrook

Reticulation Repair in Ellenbrook

We were contacted by Sarah who needed reticulation repair in Ellenbrook.

The master solenoid was sunk under the pavers of her driveway and when we arrived there was a 2m x 1m sink hole in her driveway with water gushing out everywhere.

She had no mains water to her house and the isolation valve was under the driveway also.

We had a new mains water cut in isolation valve installed by our plumber, following this we installed a new master solenoid and Sarah was delighted.

We levelled her driveway and re-installed the pavers to make her life that little bit easier!

Reticulation Repair in Ellenbrook

If you have a reticulation problem, call us today on 0438 975 819.

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