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Reticulation Installation in Trigg

Last week we were completing a reticulation installation in Trigg for Michael, who wanted an additional water supply to his hedge along the back fence along with some fruit trees to be planted.

Michael owns one of the last remaining acreage blocks in Trigg, with amazing lawn and gardens plus ocean views, it was a spectacular place to spend the day.

Running off a bore, his system had 13 zones however we installed an additional 40mm Irritrol BSP valve with flow control for this particular area as he required additional water for the first 3 months whilst the fruit trees are establishing.

Using our ground hog trenching machine, we went from the next closest solenoid valve down to the area that needed irrigating running 25mm class 9 PVC pipe and installing the 300mm risers with umbrella caps to each required plant, along with converting it to 19mm poly in certain areas to install high flow bubblers to each desired location for the fruit tree plantings.

We also had to install a wiring kit add a station to the additional solenoid valve as unfortunately there wasn’t a spare wire at the location of the existing solenoid for us to utilise.

A huge day but Michael was wrapped with the finished job and can get onto planting his fruit trees in time for Christmas.

For reticulation installation in Trigg and the northern suburbs of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Installation in Trigg

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