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Reticulation in Doubleview

This week we were completing some reticulation in Doubleview for Matthew who required some repairs and a small installation/extension for a new garden bed.

Upon arrival we noted that Matt’s system needed quite a few repairs – his old reticulation controller, an Irritrol Kwikdial was showing a display on the screen however when operated nothing worked.

Utilising the multimeter we discovered the controller wasn’t putting out the required volts to open not only the master valve, but any of the station solenoids. A common occurrence with these particular controllers, upon which a ‘fuse error’ code is generally displayed.

We removed the old controller and installed a Rainbird TM2 6 station reticulation controller with Wi-Fi compatibility along with a 3 year warranty.

Next, we moved onto the two front station solenoids that weren’t operational, we noticed the wiring connections were corroded and the solenoids themselves were quite old along with the coils appearing to have been seized. We cut out stations 1 & 2, replacing them with Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valves with flow control.

Once the entire system was up and operational again, we proceeded to use the Groundhog trenching machine to trench down 300mm for Matt’s new reticulation installation & garden to be installed. As the garden was only 600mm wide with shrubs to be planted, we installed 19mm poly with micro jets for optimal coverage.

Quite a large day, but Matthew was delighted with the finished result and can move onto adding soil and plants for his new garden bed.

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