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Reticulation Fault Finding in Perth

Ryan’s Reticulation has a team of expert technicians who specialise in reticulation fault finding in Perth.

  • System shorts – Poor cable connections, frayed or deteriorated underground wiring

  • Reticulation controllers – non-functional or inoperable

  • Solenoid locating & detection – Valve & wire tracing equipment

  • Poor pressure – underground leaks or simultaneous solenoid engagement

  • Error codes or unidentified system failures

  • Poor coverage – inappropriate sprayers or sprinklers utilised

Reticulation faults can be a nuisance to say the least, in peak summer months when your lawn and garden is struggling to survive due to lack of water – the last thing you need is for your reticulation to be in-operable due to a fault or undiagnosed problem.

Ryan’s Reticulation has a team on hand for all your reticulation needs, on time, reliable, honest tradesmen without breaking the bank.

Some of the most common faults we repair include:

  • Solenoid locating & replacement – without adequate technology finding & repairing solenoids can be a nightmare

  • Wire connections or cute cables – over time wire connections can be penetrated with moisture causing systems to short out, or cables can accidentally be cut during gardening or planting

  • Master solenoid locating & repair – The master solenoid is the nerve system to any mains water reticulation system, and when these fail nothing on the system will operate

  • Reticulation controllers – Just like any appliance, reticulation controllers have a limited lifespan. Ryan’s Reticulation supplies & installs top of the range, quality & durable reticulation controllers including Rainbird

For reticulation fault finding in Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Fault Finding in Perth

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