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Reticulation Controller Installations in Perth

Here at Ryan’s Reticulation we specialize in reticulation controller installations in Perth, both replacing and installing new controllers.

A reticulation or irrigation controller is the heart of any adequate system, without a good quality controller your system is already at the risk of malfunction.

As preferred Rainbird suppliers and installers, we always suggest the Wi-Fi compatible Rainbird ESP - TM2. These fantastic reticulation controllers are the market leaders in design, reliability, durability and ease of use for the homeowner both in settings or programming and manual operation. The TM2’s are also Wi-Fi compatible with an additional module, meaning you can control your reticulation from anywhere in the world with internet connection! Work away up north, on a holiday in Margaret River, you name it, your irrigation system is only a click away on your smartphone.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, you can have the comfort of a quality appliance that doesn’t cost the heavens, with the additional bonus of a 3 year domestic warranty.

Our basic pricing structures for supply, installation, system and resistance test of all relevant solenoids are outlined below;

4 Stations (Zones) - $360.00 + GST.

6 Stations (Zones) - $380.00 + GST

8 Stations (Zones) - $390.00 + GST

12 Stations (Zones) - $410.00 + GST

WIFI compatible module - $160.00 + GST

For all your reticulation controller installations in Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Reticulation Controller Installations in Perth

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