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Retic Repairs in Joondalup

Earlier this week we were completing some retic repairs in Joondalup for Allison.

Allison contacted us as her retic controller had been vandalised while she was away on holidays and the screen and casing of the unit was all cracked and damaged

As preferred Rainbird installers we suggested a Rainbird TM2 Wi-Fi compatible 6 station reticulation controller with a 3 year warranty, offering ease of use and programming for the homeowner along with reliability and durability that comes standard with all Rainbird appliances.

Once installed we tested the system and noted station 3 that did the front lawn and a small garden was stuck on – this happens with older valves when the coil and/or diaphragm inside the solenoid seizes open, making water continuously flow through that zone no matter which station is selected.

We located the solenoid, using an Armada Pro 800 valve tracking wand, in the middle of the front lawn along with the majority of the other solenoids. We cut the old valve out and installed an Irritrol 25mm BSP solenoid valve with flow control as Allison didn’t want that much pressure on the garden bed to prevent overspray.

Allison was delighted with the reticulation repairs completed and was wrapped with her new easy to use Rainbird reticulation controller unit.

For retic repairs in Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

retic repairs in Joondalup

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