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Residential Fertigation Systems in Perth

Ryan’s Reticulation is excited to offer the EZ-FLO residential fertigation systems in Perth for domestic customers.

This technology was once only used for large scale farming, schools and recreational parks – however you can now have a unique, easy to operate fertigation system for your own home, no more spending your precious time fertilising the lawn and watering it in for hours, or going back and forth to the tap refilling watering cans.

The EZ-FLO mainline fertigation system works by having the choice of either a 5.4L tank (recommend for the majority of domestic/residential purposes) or the 9.4L tank for larger households with over 1000m2 of garden/lawn surfaces. The tanks are installed directly into the mainline of your existing or new reticulation system, with the water being filtered through the tank and applying fertiliser directly onto your lawn and garden.

These systems can be installed on either new irrigation installations or an existing system, Ryan’s Reticulation can tailor make a quotation to suit.

All of your favourite fertilisers can be used including Seasol, Seaweed Secrets, NPK soluble granular fertilisers, worm juice, urea, you name it – plus with the added benefit of being able to adjust flow rates, you can enjoy lush green outdoor spaces all year round. These systems are also becoming ever more popular with domestic customers with a green thumb for growing fruit trees, vegetables and herbs with amazing results.

Neatly installed, saving you time, money and all the while adding value to your home, why not give contact us and see how we can transform your gardens.

For residential fertigation systems in Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Residential Fertigation Systems in Perth

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