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Lawn and Reticulation Installation in Sorrento

This week we were completing lawn and reticulation installation in Sorrento.

Kara had enough of looking at her tired front yard, covered in dirt and weeds, and decided to contact us looking for a lawn and reticulation installation quotation.

As Kara had young children and a dog, we recommended the installation of Kikuyu premium, a turf that is utilised in sporting ovals and high traffic areas.

Once the quotation was approved, we started on the earthworks – over 17 cubic meters of old soil, debris, tree roots and weeds.

Moving onto the irrigation installation, we utilised a master valve and 3 station solenoids running PGJ gear driven sprinklers – perfect for larger areas and with over 150m2 of grass and garden, this was no exception.

Using the bobcat, we had roughly 8 cubic meters of soil conditioner and dynamic lifter spread and screeded – giving the new turf every chance of success. With the retic installation complete and the majority of the prep work done, the team moved onto compaction and final screeding’s for levels.

The new turf rolls were delivered at 6:30am and we quickly got stuck into the installation process – ensuring we watered in the new lawn thoroughly every 30 square meters or so. Once the lawn was installed, one more compaction for additional ‘’setting’’ and levels, another big soaking with the new reticulation system and Kara’s new landscape package was complete.

For lawn and reticulation installation in Sorrento and Perth’s northern suburbs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Lawn and Reticulation Installation in Sorrento

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