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Home Fertigation Systems Perth

Ryan’s Reticulation is the number one installer for home fertigation systems Perth. This new and exciting technology was once only limited to agricultural or semi-rural properties, but not anymore!

Fertigation is the application of liquid or soluble granular fertiliser through a reticulation or irrigation system – basically meaning you can have lush green lawns and vibrant healthy plants all year round. No more spending your weekends walking around your garden with a watering can, or fertilising your lawn every month whilst spending countless hours watering it in – these residential fertigation systems are your secret lifesaver without having to break the bank.

Ryan’s Reticulation installs the ‘EZ-FLO’ fertigation system, a variety of tanks that are professionally plumbed into your existing reticulation system. You can utilise all your favourite fertilisers including NPK granular, urea, seaweed extracts, worm juice for the vegetables, you name it the list is endless.

With different flow rate settings on the tank, you can optimise your fertilising program to suit the season along with the tanks being neat and tidy below ground, but doesn’t take away from the ease of refilling every 6 – 8 weeks.

Don’t have a reticulation system at your home? Ryan’s Reticulation can tailor make a quotation for a complete installation package.

The home fertigation and reticulation industry is forever changing and Ryan’s Reticulation is always up to date with the latest in tools, training, technology and appliances to suit your outdoor lifestyle requirements.

For home fertigation systems Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Home Fertigation Systems Perth

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