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Fertiliser Injectors in Perth

Would you like to have the best lawns and gardens on the street, all year round?

Ryan’s Reticulation specialises in installing fertiliser injectors in Perth.

Fertigation, or the act of injecting fertiliser into your reticulation system, is as the name implies – the application of fertilisers through your irrigation system. Ryan’s Reticulation has been in the irrigation industry for over a decade and we can help improve your outdoor living areas or property value with the installation of an EZ-FLO fertigation system for your home or business.

  • Residential & domestic fertiliser injectors

  • Commercial or semi-rural fertigation systems

  • Liquid or soluble granular fertilisers

  • Easy to refill – although neatly below ground the system is easily refillable with your favourite fertilisers every 4 – 8 weeks.

  • Saves time, money, water, products & fertiliser run off

  • Supplied & installed – without breaking the bank

  • Plumbed neat & tidy, directly into your existing reticulation system, or we can tailor make a quotation for a whole new system.

  • Suitable for all applications (other than herbicides or pesticides)

  • Perfect for fruit trees, vegetables or herb gardens with excellent yields all year round

Don’t waste valuable time walking around your garden with a watering can, or hand spreading granular fertiliser on your lawns – you should be spending that time enjoying your outdoor living areas not working on them. See the image below how a simple, cost effective fertigation and fertiliser injector system can improve your property.

Fertiliser Injectors in Perth

For fertiliser injectors in Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

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