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Fertigation Systems in Perth

Would you like to have lush, green lawns & healthy gardens all year round?

Ryan’s Reticulation specialises in Fertigation systems in Perth.

Fertigation is as the name implies – the application of fertiliser through an irrigation system. No more need for the tedious task of using a watering can to apply liquid fertiliser to your lawns, vegetable patches, garden or pots – let Ryan’s Reticulation install an Ez-Flo fertigation system directly into your residential or commercial reticulation system for year round, easy fertilisation.

We specialise in the supply & installation process of;

  • Residential fertigation systems & home fertigation systems – for your lawns, gardens or vegetables installed directly into your mains water supply irrigation system, your very own home fertiliser system.

  • Commercial fertigation systems for your business or agriculture property

  • Fertigation services Perth – Both mains water supply systems and bore systems available.

  • Premium liquid & or granular fertilisers – Seaweed extracts, worm juice or worm tea, nitrogen, urea, organic liquid compost plus many more to have the lush, emerald green lawns & gardens

  • Not just for fertilisers – Soil wetters, soil improvers, garden & lawn supplements.

  • Regular servicing & maintenance – check over of reticulation systems and top ups of system requirements in 4, 6 or 8 week cycles.

Fertigation Systems Perth

Ryan’s Reticulation is the number one of the preferred installers of the Ez-Flo fertigation systems in Perth, Western Australia and pride ourselves on delivering the best possible product & service at a very competitive price – all while delivering you the greenest lawns, lush beautiful gardens, largest produce of vegetables and huge yields of fruits from your trees.

Installed in a neat, tidy and hidden easy to access safe hold on your reticulation system – your neighbours will be baffled as to how you have the best presented gardens on the street. Not only are we qualified Irrigation technicians providing year round expertise on your reticulation system – but Ryan is also a qualified horticulturist with a diploma in Horticulture and fertigation plus over a decade in the reticulation and horticulture industry – you can trust you will receive the best possible advice and outcome for your outdoor areas.

Imagine the ease of being able to fertilise your lawns and gardens with the use of fertiliser applied directly through your home sprinkler system without having to lift a finger?

Ryan’s Reticulation will save you time, money and the hassle of the whole process – call us today for your free no obligation quotation and let us show you the benefits of fertigation in your irrigation system.

Servicing from Wanneroo and Joondalup, through to Morley abd Ellenbrook all the way down to Como and Melville plus anywhere in between.

For fertigation systems in Perth, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Fertigation Systems in Perth

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