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Davey Rainbank & Pump Irrigation System

Ryan's Reticulation offers the Davey Rainbank & Pump Irrigation System for residential & commercial clients, right throughout Western Australia.

This relatively new & exciting technology allows homeowners, businesses, local shires, rural farms & sub developers to utilise not only their rainwater from a tank, but a backup automated system from their mains water source.

The Rainbank system isn't just for your irrigation or reticulation system, it can also be used to hook into the water source for your home! Showers, toilets, grey water – you name it!

How the Davey Rainbank system works with your above ground Davey pump is an automatic electronic isolation for rainwater &/or supplying mains water for a wide variety of applications, PLUS can save up to 40% of a household's mains water use. A Rainbank system automatically selects the water source with rainwater given priority over mains supply. We can supply, install and set all of the above, from your brank new Davey pump, Rainbank system & even your irrigation controller. Sit back & watch your water bills halve!

The project we were completing this week was for one of the local shires in the wheatbelt region, the Shire of Nungarin. We were installing the Davey Rainbank & Pump Irrigation system, into both the rainwater tank & connecting it into their mains water source via the water meter.

We had completed the reticulation installation project the month prior, with 11 stations running Hunter PGJ gear drives for optimal coverage throughout the garden bed areas. Easy said than done, this project had been in the planning stage for nearly 10 months, and was the largest rural project Ryan's Reticulation has completed for 2022! Hats off to the team and the ongoing communication from the shire of Nungarin.

For Davey Rainbank & Pump Irrigation System installs, contact Ryan’s Reticulation today on 0438 975 819.

Davey Rainbank & Pump Irrigation System

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