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Weed Spraying Perth

R&S offers safe, reliable & qualified herbicide technicians for weed spraying Perth. For all your domestic, industrial or commercial weed control needs – contact us today. 

  • Domestic/Residential weed control – maintenance plans, once off weed management, qualified herbicide & pesticide technicians.
  • Commercial – Real Estate & Strata maintenance plans, once off weed management solutions, qualified herbicide & pesticide technicians.
  • Industrial – Please contact us for our industrial boom spray options.


weed spraying perthWeed Control & Herbicide Applications

Many homeowners, particularly in winter months in Perth, find their property overrun by unwanted weeds. Weeds not only take away valuable nutrients & moisture from garden plants and lawns, but they also are unsightly.

Weed control Perth can actually be more difficult than one may think – we all know our property will never be 100% weed free, but how can we stay on top of it?

One of the main questions we get asked is ”I regularly hand weed my garden, however 2 – 3 weeks later more weeds appear in the same spot, why is this?” Truth be told hand weeding can actually do more harm than good. Not only are you spending hours on end, pulling weeds on your hands and knees – but in the process as you pull the weeds you will find that a lot of the time the weed root system is left to rejuvenate or seeds are spread from the abrupt pulling motion, hence weeds come back in more abundance and more often.

Correct herbicide practices see weeds controlled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, with roots and seeds eliminated within 14 days of application. Not only will it keep the original weed eliminated, but it will see that no further weeds can be produced from the source.

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Pressure Cleaning Joondalup

R&S provides professional high pressure cleaning Joondalup services. Limestone walls, garages, driveways, decking & pavement plus graffiti removal.

Our service areas for pressure cleaning Perth include; Joondalup, Woodvale, Edgewater, Kingsley, Greenwood, Hillarys, Mullaloo, Kallaroo, Sorrento, Ocean Reef, Wanneroo, Hocking, Tapping, Lansdale, Madeley, Darch, Scarborough, North Beach, Marmion, Duncraig. Feel free to contact us if your suburb isn’t listed.

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pressure cleaning joondalupThe Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Tired of looking at your dull driveway, or the mold growing all over your limestone walls and pavement? Cars leaked oil all through the garage and cant seem to remove the stains?

Pressure Cleaning is the act of blasting high pressure water through varied sized nozzles for diverse effects. Commercial grade pressure washers pump out water at up to 9000 PSI, which is sure to remove even the most worn in stains! However chemical applications can also be required for tasks such as graffiti removal – which not only removes the paint but also can have the added benefit of a clear protective coating making it easy to remove in the event of further graffiti. Mold can often come back winter after winter unless chemical applications are applied after cleaning is completed.

Some benefits of high pressure cleaning include;

  • Curb appeal – for homeowners wishing to sell or lease their property
  • Instant ”new look” achieved – bring your exteriors back to what they looked like when first landscaped
  • Cleanliness – Avoids excess dirt and debris
  • Impresses family, friends or business associates at dinners or functions
  • Save your valuable time – let us do it for you!

So why doesn’t everyone pressure clean there own homes or business’s? Unfortunately pressure cleaning your exteriors can take hours, with most homeowners preferring to spend this time with their family and friends, not slaving away their precious weekends.

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Lawn Mowing Joondalup

R&S Reticulation & Lawns offers professional lawn mowing Joondalup services performed by qualified horticulturists including but not limited too;

  • Cylinder & Rotary Mowing
  • Regular Mowing Services – Weekly, Fortnightly, 3 Weekly or Monthly
  • Straight cut edges
  • Fertilizing, Wetting Agents & Seaweed Extracts
  • Bruschcutting & Slashing
  • Garden Clean-ups
  • Garden Landscaping

Our Lawn mowing areas include; Joondalup, Woodvale, Edgewater, Kingsley, Hillarys, Mullaloo, Kallaroo, Ocean Reef, Wanneroo, Hocking, Tapping, Lansdale, Madeley, Darch

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lawn mowing joondalup

Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing – couldn’t think of a less interesting subject I hear you say? Many people believe in the concept of if the grass is long, cut it. However is it really that simple?

Regular lawn mowing is vital to the health and growth of your lawns – along with fertilizers and wetting agents plus the added benefits of seaweed extracts which improves root growth – lawn mowing is possibly the one major factor home owners forget about if they want lush, green lawns all year round.

Depending on the type of grass you have, there are a few basic rules to follow. For example – couch lawns like wintergreen can be cut much lower or ”scalped” once a year to keep a tight knit bowling green effect, where as your buffalo variety’s like soft leaf, palmetto or Sir Walter require a higher cutting length usually around 3 – 5cm in height. Always remember to never take off more than one third of the grass leaf, this is one example why it is vitally important to have your lawns cut on a regular basis.

Some key examples of regular lawn mowing include;

  • Improves the overall health of your lawns
  • Keeps lawns compact and limits the amount of dead patches
  • Removes excess debris, leaves and thatch
  • Improves curbside value of your home
  • Limits the amount of pest and disease
  • Stimulates regular and new root growth

Always bear in mind there are other key factors to take into consideration for healthy lawns including ensuring your reticulation is providing adequate water to your grass, along with regular fertilization, wetting agents, aeration and soil improves – your lawns will be looking the best on the street in no time.

For all your lawn mowing Joondalup and surrounding suburbs needs, contact us today on 0438 975 819.


Reticulation Morley

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides Reticulation Morley clients with a professional, reliable service.

  • Reticulation Repairs & Maintenance
  • Fault Finding
  • Solenoid Valve Locating & Diagnosis
  • Reticulation Controller Repairs or Replacement
  • Reticulation Installations or Extensions
  • Complete Reticulation & Lawn Installation Packages

For all your reticulation needs – contact us today!

reticulation morley

Reticulation Morley Lawn Specialists Discuss Components of Drip Irrigation

If you’re starting a new lawn and you’re integrating a lot of young plantings to it, one of the smartest investments you can make to promote their healthy growth is in drip irrigation. As part of a well-designed system for reticulation Morley lawn specialists say a drip irrigation system is most effective in providing adequate hydration to plant or flower beds. It conveys drops of water directly to plants’ root zone, limiting water evaporation or wastage, as well as shifting of soil, which tends to displace plantings. And to further reduce water waste, drip irrigation can be concealed with mulch to conserve water and minimise surface evaporation.

Drip irrigation systems are quite affordable and they can easily be purchased in kits (kits vary depending on where the system will be installed) from hardware and gardening stores. They are easy enough to install on your own since they come with a manual, but if you want them to be optimally beneficial, have lawn experts like R&S Reticulation and Lawns install them instead because the strategic and secure placement is key.

A kit for a flower or plant bed in your patio has the most basic components. The reticulation installers from R&S Reticulation and Lawns have rounded up and discussed them below.

1. Command unit and timer – This component is powered by a standard battery and is connected to the hose bib. This can run at intervals throughout the day if you program it for your best convenience. To save water and money, the command unit can be adjusted whenever the weather changes.
2. Rubber tubing – This runs straight from the water source and it snakes around the plant bed and can be connected to different plant containers with the help of T pieces.
3. Backflow preventive devices – These are converters that connect plumbing fixtures to the rubber tubing and make sure that water does not flow back the main water supply.
4. Emitters and support stakes – The emitters are attached to the short tube inside planter boxes or containers. The stakes are for propping up the emitters so they are easy to see and relocate as necessary.
T pieces – At the base of each container, the rubber tubing is cut and attached to a side arm of a T piece, and then another segment of tubing that cuts long enough is secured into the centre arm of a T piece. Following this, the main line of the rubber tubing is connected to the last arm of the T piec

Reticulation North Perth

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation provides professional Reticulation North Perth services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Annual Maintenance
  • Solenoid Valve Locating & Diagnosis
  • Fault Finding
  • Reticulation Controller Repairs or Replacement
  • Complete Reticulation Installations
  • Lawn & Reticulation Installation Packages

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reticulation north perth

Improving the Efficiency of Reticulation North Perth Pros Share Tips

What is good can always be made better.

There is no doubt that the proper installation of a reticulation system can boost water efficiency on your property. However, there are still plenty of ways that can be explored to further improve water efficiency.

These include hydrozoning, choosing local plants, and using organic soil conditioners, mineral soil amendments, wetting agents, organic mulch and slow release fertilisers. Here are a few helpful insights from R&S Reticulation & Lawns.

Hydrozoning is all about dividing areas on your property based on the watering needs of the turf and other plants on it. How do you know which areas need more or less water? The simplest approach you can employ is to identify which areas receive the most attention. For example, planting beds and turf which are used as entry statements or focal points in the landscape will need more water. On the other hand, plants that are rarely seen by guests will require less water.

Choosing local plants
In optimising reticulation North Perth property owners can consider using plants that can be locally found in the country. These plants require less water and do well in the local climate.

Application of organic soil conditioners
Organic soil conditioners greatly improve the water retention properties of the soil. In turn, these can greatly reduce the need to water the plants. Soil conditioners also offer additional benefits including providing plants with additional nutrients and facilitating the development of stronger plant root systems.

Use of mineral soil amendments
Like organic soil conditioners, mineral soil amendments help improve the water retention properties of the soil. Typically, these are added to the soil before the installation of the reticulation system.

Addition of soil wetting agents
If the soil on your property is identified as hydrophobic or non-wetting, consider adding soil wetting agents before the onset of the rainy and summer seasons. These ensure that the water gets to the roots of the plants.

Use of organic mulch
Organic mulch has long received praised from gardeners and lawn care pros for the many benefits it offers, including providing vital nutrients to plants, suppression of weed growth and insulation of plant roots. But apart from these, organic mulch, especially the coarse variety, can help improve the water retention property of soil.

Appropriate use of slow release fertilisers
If you have amended the soil prior to planting and if you have chosen native plants, you do not have to add more fertilisers. However, in some instances wherein the application of fertilisers is actually required, choose slow release fertilisers which have low amounts

Reticulation Subiaco

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides professional Reticulation Subiaco residents with reliable reticulation services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Annual Maintenance
  • Solenoid Valve Locating & Diagnosis
  • Complete Reticulation Installations or Extensions
  • Reticulation Controller Repairs/Replacements
  • Lawn & Reticulation Installation Packages available

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reticulation subiaco

Basic Rule in Reticulation Subiaco Lawn Professionals Say “Learn the Best Watering Method for Your Yard”

It is said that the best watering method for avid gardeners is a good soaking rain. Unfortunately, relying on the world’s “natural” schedule for rainfall will most likely result in a parched lawn or garden, particularly nowadays when the El Nino phenomenon is limiting rainfall in certain areas. Therefore, property owners that want to maintain a flourishing landscape for a nice curb appeal surely need to find more reliable watering methods.

Properly watering lawn areas does not require special scientific know-how. You just need to cover the entire area and everything’s all good — that is, if you’re doing the watering manually and you can really target corners and hard to reach spots. However, this is such a physically demanding and time-consuming watering method. It’s better to create a system for efficient reticulation Subiaco lawn professionals say the strategic choice of implements can create the best watering method that effectively targets the entire yard.

For example, if spots are often missed because of over spray, or it’s often windy in your area that jet streams of water fail to hit intended spots, R&S Reticulation and Lawns advises using MP rotators that release several streams of water as the “head” turns continuously. This product releases streams of water that are resistant to wind pressure. Likewise, it consumes much less water, providing properties significant cost savings. Ask your lawn professional the best places to install these and all spots around your lawn will surely get hydrated.

Now, for yards that have new plants that need just the right amount of water and pressure, drip or soaker hoses should definitely be part of the reticulation system. A soaker hose is made of porous rubber that lets water seep out of every inch. The slow and low volume watering is ideal for maintaining plantings. The key to really making these hoses beneficial to plants is to snake them around the outer root zones of annuals, perennials and shrubs, and then adding links to them as necessary.

A last important element to add in creating not just an optimum watering method but also a convenient one is a watering timer. This will allow you to water your lawn consistently on schedule. Just set the dial for the appropriate duration, turn on the spigot, and do whatever it is that you need to do. The timer will automatically cut water flow when the determined time has elapsed. As this gives you convenience in accomplishing the task, the timer also makes sure that you do not over-water your lawn.

The rule here is to know what will best work for you, and to utilise that. The right implements will create the results you want without requiring you to exert too much effort.

Reticulation Malaga

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides professional Reticulation Malaga clients with services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Maintenance
  • Solenoid Detection & Diagnosis
  • Regular Maintenance Schedules
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Reticulation & Irrigation Installations or Extensions

reticulation malagaMistakes to Avoid With Your Reticulation Malaga Lawn Care Experts Share the Top 3

According to some studies, a reticulation system can increase your home’s property value by up to 18 percent. This increase is largely due to the curb appeal that a reticulation system creates. And with an effective watering system, your lawn will maintain its lush and appealing condition and also help improve the property’s market value.
Installing just any reticulation system without a plan, however, won’t give you the benefits you are looking for. Also, there are certain mistakes you have to avoid during and after the system’s installation if you want to enjoy the benefits of this lawn care feature for a long time.
Below are the top three mistakes you have to avoid during and after the installation of your reticulation system:
1. Having a standard set-up for all reticulation zones. Various property owners have different landscape designs. There are some who have or prefer a minimal landscape design. Others currently have or will go for a luxurious outdoor entertaining space. Regardless of the size and landscape design of your lawn, it will have some features that will make it unique from other yards. To fully optimise your reticulation Malaga lawn care experts say that the different zones on your lawn should consist of specialised heads based on the watering requirements for a particular area. These heads will then deliver the right amount of spray, misting or soaking based on what is found in that space, the size of the zone, the presence of slopes, and other key elements. And to make sure that the right amount of water is released, each individual zone should be set to a timer correctly.
2. Not having a rain sensor. The answer is pretty obvious: If it’s already raining, should your reticulation system still be running? Of course not! This is simply a waste of water and will do nothing to help you save on your utility bill. Overwatering can also damage your turf and plants. You can easily avoid all these issues by having a rain sensor since this feature lets the sprinkler system know that it doesn’t have to turn on since nature is doing its job.
3. Disregarding some basic maintenance tasks. A sprinkler system makes watering highly convenient, but you should not simply have it installed and expect it to perform continuously for the next years on its own. It is important that you regularly walk around your yard and inspect the sprinkler heads from time to time. If you think a line has been compromised underground, call an expert to check it. You can also choose to have a seasonal inspection scheduled so that you can protect this key investment.
One of the best partners you can have in safeguarding the full functionality of your reticulation system is R&S Reticulation & Lawns. This company provides a range of reticulation installation and maintenance services that can ensure you get the most out of your system.

Reticulation Midland

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides professional Reticulation Midland services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Maintenance
  • Solenoid Detection & Diagnosis
  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Complete Lawn & Reticulation Installation Packages

reticulation midland

Sustaining Good Reticulation Midland Experts Share Some Simple Maintenance Tips for Your System

A reticulation system is a handy and reliable watering feature to have in your garden. You can depend on this feature to have your turf and plants watered thoroughly and regularly, even if you’re not at home or when your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend a lot of time to hydrate your lawn.
Reticulation Midland lawn care experts say, will work best if you properly maintain and take care of your system. Here are some key care and maintenance tips you can employ to ensure the good performance of your reticulation system for a long time:
• Regularly check your reticulation system, particularly when it’s running. The main convenience of having a reticulation system is that your lawn will be watered while you are sleeping or away from home. However, make it a habit to inspect your system while you are at home. Check each zone or parts that are observable to pinpoint potential problems regularly and make sure your lawn or plants do not suffer from a system that is performing poorly.
• Invest in useful reticulation system enhancements. If you have an older model of a reticulation system, now would be a good time to invest in some new technologies that can provide great results for your lawn. Adding a rain sensor is one of the easiest things you can do to help make your system more efficient. With this enhancement, your system will know if enough natural precipitation has fallen in the area and will thus eliminate overwatering and wastage of resources. Also, there are now newer models of reticulation heads that you can choose to invest in since they tend to be more water-efficient. Lastly, installing a water gauge, if your system does not have one, can also help you avoid wasting resources and help you save money on your bills.
• Get help from reticulation experts. You can do this on a regular basis or when there is a dire need for their expertise. Working with a qualified contractor enables you to rely on their knowledge of reticulation and gain access to new products on the market that can upgrade your current system. A reticulation expert will know what your existing system can manage for improvements and which features it might not be able to handle. You can also make sure you are setting your timers correctly and discuss how this should change depending on the season when you talk with a contractor that specialises in reticulation.
R&S Reticulation & Lawns can provide all the maintenance and repair requirements your system may need. With their offered services and solutions, you can maximise the efficiency of the reticulation system you have in your lawn.

Reticulation Osborne Park

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides professional, relaible Reticulation Osborne Park services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Maintenance
  • Solenoid Detection & Diagnosis
  • Regular Maintenance Schedules
  • Commercial & Industrial Services
  • Reticulation Installations or Extensions

reticulation osborne parkAddressing Problems With Lawn Reticulation Osborne Park

The pros of lawn reticulation Osborne Park land owners enjoy definitely weigh far more than the potential cons, but there is still, indeed, a downside to having a system in place. Fortunately, these issues can easily be addressed by a professional service like that offered by R&S Reticulation & Lawns.
One of the most common problems you’ll face in relation to your reticulation system is the repairs it will require. Sprinklers will get clogged up every now and then, hence the need to be serviced or even replaced.
What are the other potential problems that will have you calling the pros for help? In case you tried to install your lawn reticulation yourself or you had somebody inexperienced do it for you, there may have been some mistakes in the placement of your pop-up sprinklers. For instance, they may not have been set properly below the lawn height, which could cause damage from lawn mowers. It’s even worse if you use a Cylinder lawn mower, which has the potential to break not only the sprinklers themselves, but the underground pipes as well. Unfortunately, broken pipes are much harder to repair.
Another problem that arises with the use of a reticulation system is not mechanical in nature. It stems from an incorrect manner of watering. Back in the day, homeowners would set their system to water their lawns any time they deemed it necessary. This means that when they thought that their lawn was turning brown from insufficient watering, they’d simply water more often until they observed their lawn staying green year round.
What many people don’t know is that doing this creates a very shallow root system in their lawn. With frequent but short waterings, their lawns tend to deteriorate very quickly when the hot season hits. Again, their response is to water even more often, not realising that this was actually the cause of the problem.
Lawn reticulation makes it possible for you to water as frequently as you want without having to make any effort at all, but this is not recommended. If you want your lawn to be hardier, water only when it’s needed, when your lawn is signalling you to water it, but give it a really good drenching. Without the constant bombardment of short bursts of watering, your turf will be sending its roots deeper into the soil to seek out water. The deeper those roots go, the more drought-tolerant your lawn becomes. Not only does this way produce better quality turf, but it also allows you to save money and conserve water.
Lawn reticulation Osborne Park property owners realise, comes with potential problems, but through correct installation, use, and maintenance, they can be mi


Reticulation Balcatta

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawns provides professional Reticulation Balcatta services including;

  • Reticulation Repairs & Maintenance
  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Solenoid Locating & Diagnosis
  • Reticulation Installations
  • Quality, Commercial Grade Parts
  • Complete Lawn & Reticulation Installation Packages

reticulation balcattaBenefits and Cost of Reticulation Balcatta

Residents of Balcatta in Western Australia take it upon themselves to reinforce the beauty of their state by making sure that their own homes are well-maintained, especially when it comes to their exterior appeal. To keep these lawns and gardens thriving, the need for a reticulation system is a given. If you have yet to have one installed in your property, take the time to consider the benefits listed below:
• Effortless watering – Installing a reticulation system takes the work out of watering your lawn. Once everything is set up, you never have to go out and manually hose down your greenery or move your sprinkler around. Your retic goes on, does its job, and then shuts itself off without you having to lift even one finger.
• Absolute control – With reticulation Balcatta homeowners can rest assured that their lawn is watered evenly and regularly. If you decided to have a system installed in your property, you can program the time and duration of your daily watering into the reticulation control box. This allows you control over just how your lawn is watered.
• General convenience – You can pretty much stop thinking about watering your lawn. There’s no need to stop whatever you’re doing to take care of it. You never have to be out having fun and worrying about having forgotten your sprinklers. You can put the responsibility right out of your head and still have it done more efficiently than you ever had while taking care of it yourself.
When it comes to lawn reticulation Balcatta homeowners need to understand that it’s very much worth the investment. The initial outlay may be substantial, but this is more than fair for the kind of service it provides. The system typically includes a network of pipes under lawns, pop-up sprinklers, solenoids that control watering in the different areas of the lawns, and the control box. As you can presume, it’s a lot of work to install.
Some homeowners feel that they can tackle it as a DIY project, but this is the kind of job that is best left to the pros. Why so? Not only do you want every bit to be installed correctly for it to function optimally, but you also want to avoid incurring damage to any of the parts. By calling R&S Reticulation & Lawns, you can be certain that you’ll get your money’s worth and more.
Lawn reticulation is definitely a great addition to your property maintenance and care. Not only are you spared the hassle, but you are also assured of high quality watering that is certain to make your lawns as green and pretty as they can ever be.