Lawn Installation Perth

ContactUs-ButtonR&S Reticulation & Lawn has been providing lawn installation Perth for over 10 years. We offer a full range of all the most popular turfs including Empire Zoysia, Winter Green Couch, Buffalo Varieties, Queensland Blue and Kikuyu. All new turf installations come with Soil Conditioner, Dynamic Lifter, Professional Installation, Baileys 3-1-1 Fertilizer & Amgrow Wetter Soil. Earthworks or removal of existing lawns plus Leveling & Screeding are all also available, ensuring you have lush beautiful lawns for decades to come.

Bison Soft Leaf Buffalo

lawn installation perthBison Soft Leaf Buffalo is by far our favorite turf choice due to its lush, deep green features. It truly is a beautiful lawn when regularly fertilized and mowed with a cylinder mower or by a professional contractor. Ideal for shady areas or under trees.


Winter Green Couch

lawn installation perthWinter Green Couch is a popular lawn variety as it is a low budget, easy maintenance grass. Wintergreen couch can have the real ”bowling green” look if watered/fertilized adequately and mowed fortnightly. Unfortunately winter green is very renown for weed growth in winter months. Requires full sun.


lawn installation perthKikuyu is a durable, hardy grass that requires little maintenance and will grow just about anywhere. It is used in council parks due to its durability and growth rates. Unfortunately it can become frustrating if installed next to garden beds as it can grow like a weed and spread rapidly. Requires sun/part shade.

Empire Zoysia

lawn installation perthEmpire Zoysia has a deep emerald green texture and is perfectly adapted for Western Australian Conditions. It is becoming more popular due to its low maintenance, non-invasive beautiful texture – similar to a buffalo variety. Perfect for all areas, shady or full sun.


Reticulation & Lawn Packages are also available, Please contact us for a free quote with your landscape project ideas and we will endeavor to have it completed on time and within your personal budget. For all your lawn installation Perth requirements, contact us today!

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